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    Alzheimer’s Care Cost: Broken Down

    How Do You Pay for This Care? Financial situations are as individual as the people that have them. The fact is, though, that the majority of people do not have the cash flow available to pay for Alzheimer’s care for a family member without looking through their finances and options carefully. Luckily there are many […]

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    Alzheimer’s Care Cost: Beyond the Monetary Costs

    In order to be as prepared as possible it’s important to remember that costs associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia go beyond your pocketbook. There are emotional and social costs that can affect not only those with the ailments but also the friends and family trying to care for their loved ones. The good news is […]

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    How Much Does Alzheimer’s Care Cost? (Part 1)

    When a family is trying to care for an ailing loved one it can be a stressful situation in the best of circumstances. When a diagnosis or symptoms of Alzheimer’s are added into the mix, however, a stressful situation can become even more riddled with issues. While you want to make sure that your parent […]

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