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We are devoted to helping families find Assisted Living and Senior Care for their loved ones.

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About Assisted Living Referrals

About Side.org

Side.org is devoted to helping families find assisted living and senior care for their loved ones. We provide professional senior care referrals and expert advice to the best assisted living facilities available, at NO COST to the family. [Read More]

Truly On Your Side

We personally inspect and conduct thorough reviews of ALL facilities that we recommend, in efforts to find a quality and honest provider. This is how we keep our experienced Senior Care Advisors truly on your side. [How It Works]
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Does your family have general questions about this process? Review a FAQ and other helpful resources about Assisted Living and Senior Care facilities. [Read More]

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Side.org offers a no-charge consultation given by our experienced Senior Care Advisors.

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  • Seniors at Christmas

    Tis the Season to Visit Your Loved Ones

    During the holidays, seniors living in assisted living centers and care homes can experience especially hard times during the holiday season.  It is very human to feel happy times, but being away from their loved ones can make many seniors isolated and lonely.  As a loved one, you and your family can do several things […]

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  • medicaid-matters-e1364227355819

    Paying for Assisted Living (Part 2): Medicaid or SSI

    Continued Information on Paying for Assisted Living (Part 2): Depending on your loved ones financial assets and or income, you may qualify for government aid to pay for assisted living care. Medicaid – Is often known as various names depending on the state you live in (ie. Arizona is known as AZ Long-Term Care System […]

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  • Assisted Living Cost

    Paying for Assisted Living (Part 1): Pooling Family Resources

    As you may know right now, the process of searching for a quality assisted living care facility for your loved one is not always easy.  As you may weigh assisted living options, cost is an obvious factor that needs to be considered.  Various assisted living facilities will range from $1200 to $6,000 plus per month. […]

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